Trump Spent Final Hours Honoring the Fallen… Obama Spends His on a Podcast

Trump Spent Final Hours Honoring the Fallen Obama Spends His on a Podcast

The transfer of power, as the media repeatedly tell us, is a solemn event. Thursday represented the final hours before both President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump’s lives are changed inextricably by the shifting of roles.

So how did the president and president-elect spend these somber hours before this transfer? President-elect Trump went to the hallowed ground of Arlington National Cemetery, Vice President-elect Mike Pence by his side, to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. For a man who has been called unpresidential so many times by the media, it was a moment of silent dignity and gravitas.

President Obama, on the other hand, used that time to go on a friend’s podcast.

I wish this were a joke, but unfortunately, it’s not.

According to Forbes, Obama used Thursday afternoon to go on a podcast hosted by former aides Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor. Formerly titled “Keepin’ it 1600,” a ham-fisted reference to liberal comedian Larry Wilmore’s catchphrase, it’s now been retitled “Pod Save America” in reference to Trump’s election. Nice touch on the day before the inauguration.

The truly sad thing? The podcast wasn’t even Marc Maron. I mean, come on, Barack. If you’re going to choose to remind voters from sea to shining sea just how shallow and media-driven your two terms in office have been by appearing on a liberal podcast, at least make it a popular one.

Tom Barrack, the chairman of Trump’s inauguration committee, meanwhile said that Trump was using the visit to Arlington to begin “transitioning from candidate to president.”

“If you look at his eyes at Arlington, you see in that moment, in that anticipation of that peaceful transfer of partisan power, that the rhetoric of the campaign moves aside,” Barrack said of the Thursday visit.

Well, hey, if President-elect Trump wants to transfer to the role of the presidency, I have some pretty quick tips for him.

First, appear on your buddies’ podcast. Then, maybe play a round of golf. Maybe take a vacation. Heck, take three of them, and stick the American people with the bill. Go on Ellen Degeneres.

Instead, Trump used the transition to honor our fallen troops. How utterly unpresidential of him.

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