Trump Sends MASSIVE Message to ISIS By Hiring This 3-Man “Dream Team”


President-elect Donald Trump shocked the nation after he announced three controversial cabinet picks.

According to NewsMax, Trump named Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA, and former military intelligence chief Michael Flynn as his national security adviser.

All three men have been widely criticized, either for their strong immigration policy, or their stance on national security.

CNN stated that Sessions defended Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS, even before election day.

“This can be done, and Donald Trump is saying clearly and unequivocally and consistently [that] we’re going to target ISIS first,” Sessions said. “I don’t think he ever doubted he’d be talking to the generals about how to achieve it.”

Likewise, Rep. Pompeo’s main focus is on national security. Pompeo is known as a massive critic of Hillary Clinton and her involvement in Benghazi, according to the New York Times.

Moreover, he has also criticized President Barack Obama for his somewhat lenient approach to fighting terrorism.

Michael Flynn is perhaps the most controversial candidate, but also the most hard-hitting when it comes to keeping America’s borders safe and fighting terrorists.

Trump himself said that Flynn will be “by my side as we work to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, navigate geopolitical challenges and keep Americans safe at home and abroad.”

Previously, Flynn called Islam a “political ideology” that “hides behind a religion.” Not surprisingly, his experience as a U.S. Army lieutenant general will aid Flynn in his decisions for how to deal with the Islamic State group.

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