Trump Sees Grieving Couple in Crowd, Quickly Tells Secret Service to Let Them on Stage


As the liberal mainstream media has chosen to focus on the dubious allegations against President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters, the numerous stories of his kindness and thoughtfulness sadly go by the wayside.

During a Nov. 4 campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Trump invited the parents of 19-year-old Hugh “Riley” Rone, who was killed in a motorcycle accident, to join him on the stage. Once he saw on his notes who was there, he made sure the Secret Service knew to allow them to have a moment to honor their son.

Rone was a Trump supporter and his friend wrote a letter to Trump in which he asked him to find a way to acknowledge the young-man’s parents on the campaign trail.

Trump took the time to acknowledge Rone’s parents at the rally just days before the presidential election. Trump told the crowd: “Their son passed away in a horrible accident. He was the biggest supporter I had — young guy, beautiful guy, the most popular person there was. He was just very special.”

The crowd cheered “Riley, Riley” as his parents, Hugh G. and Barbara Zawistowski Rone, joined Trump on stage. Rone’s mother took to the podium as tears welled in her eyes.

Barbara held a “Trump/Pence 4 Riley” poster as she spoke about her family of independents who hail from a small town in New Jersey before she went on to talk about her son, a “gift from God” whom she had later in life. She then talked about Riley’s support for Trump:

“Riley looooved Mr. Trump. He was obsessed with Mr. Trump. When there were 17 [candidates], Riley said, ‘Mr. Trump is the nominee.’ When there was one nominee, Riley said, ‘Mr. Trump will be president.’

“In Riley’s obituary, Mr. Trump was mentioned because Riley loved, or loves, Mr. Trump. Riley’s funeral was over 200 cars, he has very dedicated friends — there were signs, flags for Mr. Trump. Riley’s grave marker has Mr. Trump’s name on it, along with the Statue of Liberty, because he loves America.”

Trump sent a personal letter to the Rone family after the death of their son and also followed up with a phone call, according to IJR. Barbara ended her remarks with a personal plea in honor of her son followed by a hug for the GOP candidate:

“All you mothers out there, I want you to put yourself in my shoes for one minute. And you fathers too … I want you to please, please, please vote for Mr. Donald Trump in my son’s honor.”

Stories like this abound when it comes to Trump, but they receive very little attention in the mainstream media.  Since the stories don’t fit media’s narrative, they ignore them.

God bless the Rone family in their time of grief over the tragic loss of their young son and God bless Trump for taking the time to make a difference in their lives.

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