Trump says JOE BIDEN could come back into the race to replace ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders if Hillary’s email server scandal puts her out of contention



The Democratic National Committee is considering a plan to re-insert Vice President Joe Biden into the presidential race, Donald Trump said Wednesday in California, a stunning claim on a day when front-runner Hillary Clinton faced new questions about her classified email scandal.
‘I hear they’re gonna actually slip Joe Biden in and he’s going to take Bernie’s place,’ Trump told a rally audience of thousands in Anaheim, California, referring to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.
‘I hear they want to slip him in,’ he repeated. ‘Cause I will say, the system is rigged against Bernie, 100 per cent.’


SHOWMAN: Donald Trump picked a day when Hillary Clinton found herself playing defense to float the idea of Vice President Joe Biden being ‘slipped in’ to run for president in November


WILD: Trump claimed ‘Crazy Bernie’ Sanders would be displaced if Clinton’s email scandal were to sideline her


TANNED, RESTED AND READY? Biden said in October that grieving over the death of his 46-year-old son had mad it too difficult to mount a presidential campaign through the primary season


‘CROOKED’ AND ‘CRAZY’: Hillary Clinton (left) could be forced out of the presidential election, Trump suggested, leaving Bernie Sanders (right) to carry the Democrats unless Biden were re-inserted into the race
Biden, who has been vice president since 2009, withdrew himself from presidential consideration in October, citing family pressures following the death of his 46-year-old son Beau.
‘I believe we’re out of time – the time necessary to mount a winning campaign,’ Biden said then.
But if Clinton were forced out of the race, Sanders – who describes himself as a ‘democratic socialist.’– would become the presumptive favorite. That’s an outcome the Democratic Party could find undesirable.
Trump was reacting to a damning report from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General report that clobbered Clinton over the security of the private, homebrew email server she used exclusively during the four years she was America’s top diplomat.
Among the report’s conclusions was that on at least two occasions hackers tried to penetrate the server, which was housed at the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York.

At one point Clinton herself became scared to open emails because she doubted whether they were secure – yet she never reported the security breach, according to the OIG report.
The server held more than 2,000 emails containing material later identified as classified secrets, including a handful rated ‘Top Secret’ or above.
Trump smelled blood, and hammered Hillary on Wednesday at the Anaheim Convention Center.
‘Crooked Hillary!’ he boomed. ‘She’s as crooked as they come. She had a little bad news today … not so good. The inspector general’s report. Not good.’
‘But I want to run against Hillary,’ he insisted, even if her legal problems make her candidacy untenable.
‘I just want to run against her. Look, I don’t know if you’re going to be able to. It could be we run against Crazy Bernie. That could be.’
‘He’s a crazy man, but that’s okay. We like crazy people,’ Trump said of Sanders.
Clinton, however, rates extraordinarily low on Trump’s personal likeability scale.

The former secretary of state is not equipped to be president,’ he claimed. ‘She does not have the temperament.’
‘You’ll have nothing but turmoil, and you’ll have nothing more than four more years of Obama’ if she becomes president, he said, ‘and you can’t take that. Our system and our country can’t take that.’
Trump’s first order of business on Wednesday was an announcement that the National Anthem, which had been struck from the pre-rally lineup over time concerns, would be sung as scheduled.
Inviting the schedule singer to his podium, Trump said ‘We’re doing it!’ and sang along.