Trump Releases Election Map With His States… Liberal Media Comes Unglued


On Monday, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign emailed supporters an election map showing the billionaire businessman potentially slated to win in almost half of the 50 states.

“We’ve outlined a map to show where we currently stand as well as the possible paths forward to win,” campaign manager Kellyanne Conway wrote in the email, as reported by the International Business Times.

“Over the past month, polls have shown us winning Iowa, Ohio, Maine, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina,” the email continued. “If we maintain our leads in those six states, we can reliably claim 266 electoral votes. Hillary can claim 193.”

Take a look at the map below:

Liberals from several mainstream outlets immediately responded to the map by labeling it “optimistic,” claiming that it did not coincide with the projections of pollsters.

Some also pointed to a map published last week by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. Known as Sabato’s Crystal Ball, the map showed Trump and Clinton winning 173 and 352 electoral votes, respectively.


“As we reassess our Electoral College ratings, we don’t think any new states are moving toward Trump at this point, and there are some surprising conservative places where he is registering very thin, soft support,” the center wrote. “Clinton’s embarrassment of Electoral College riches may well produce poverty for America’s presidential billionaire.”

However, many among Trump’s base were not buying these projections, claiming instead that the GOP candidate’s impressive performance at his campaign rallies — which were drawing far more attendees than Clinton’s events — was proof positive of his upcoming success in the November election.

Some supporters were also pointing to the billionaire candidate’s domination of social media, where far more people followed him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other such networks than his competitor, Hillary Clinton.

Who will win this election? Nobody knows. But this idea that Trump will definitely lose — well, that idea is just plain bonkers.

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