Trump Raises Massive Sum For His Inauguration, Surpasses Records

Trump Raises Massive Sum For His Inauguration Surpasses Records

According to a report issued Friday by the Associated Press, President-elect Donald Trump has surpassed previous fundraising records for his upcoming inauguration.

In anticipation of the event, Trump has raised an astounding $90 million from private donations, vastly surpassing President Obama’s own fundraising from 2009 and 2013.

For his first inauguration in 2009, Obama raised a total of $55 million, followed by $43 million in 2013.

That said, it appears Trump plans do to less than his predecessor, with his committee citing a desire to avoid a “circus-like atmosphere” in favor of a more “back-to-work” mindset that is synonymous with the Trump message.

Trump’s inaugural committee has declined to provide specific details on how it will spend the $90 million, however, some within the Obama administration have called the sum overkill.

“I can’t imagine how they are going to spend that amount of money — and why they would even keep raising money,” said Steve Kerrigan, who served as chief of staff for Obama in 2009 and led the inaugural committee for Obama in 2013.

“We planned the two largest inaugurations in the history of our country and we never spent anywhere near that,” he added.

Trump will use these funds to host three inaugural balls, in contrast to Obama, who held10 during his first inauguration.

Trump has also decided to limit the inaugural parade to 90 minutes, vastly shorter than Obama’s inaugural parade, which lasted more than four hours.

Inaugural decorations and bleachers along Pennsylvania Avenue will account for a good portion of the parade’s expenses, in addition to $2.5 million, which will go towards reimbursing the Capitol Police for overtime expenses.

Numerous protests have been planned for Inauguration Day — in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere — hoping to derail the event and ruin television ratings.

One such protest will be the planned “Love-a-thon” in Miami Beach, which will feature a concert and host Democrat celebrities such as Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tim Robins and others.

Not only do the organizers of the “Love-a-thon” hope to send a message to the incoming administration, but are also hoping Americans will tune in and ignore the inaugural celebrations.

A handful of celebrities have also made it clear they would not perform at the inauguration, but only a few of those celebrities were even invited to attend.

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