Trump Praises NYT for Reporting The Failing State of Obamacare

Trump Praises NYT for Reporting The Failing State of Obamacare

For the first — and likely last — time ever in his presidency, President Donald Trump has praised The New York Times for finally sharing some real and factual news.

“The failing @nytimes finally gets it — ‘In places where no insurance company offers plans, there will be no way for ObamaCare customers to use subsidies to buy health plans,’” he wrote Saturday in a series of tweets on Twitter, referencing a recent Times article that somewhat admitted the health care law’s failures.

“In other words, Ocare is dead,” Trump added. “Good things will happen, however, either with Republicans or Dems.”

What the article by The Times specifically noted was that certain parts of the nation were “in jeopardy of not having an insurer offering Obamacare plans next year.”

“Many counties already have just one insurer offering health plans in the Obamacare marketplaces, and some of those solo insurers are showing signs that they are eyeing the exits,” the paper wrote Friday, adding that without any marketplace options, people in those locales would be unable to take advantage of federal subsidies.

Instead of directly blaming former President Barack Obama for the tribulations soon to be faced by countless Americans across the country, however, the disreputable outlet then tried to shift the blame to the Trump administration.

“When insurers left communities in recent years, the Obama administration and local officials worked hard to recruit replacements,” it wrote. “The Trump administration might not do the same.”

It was a moot point, since the dilemma would not have existed in the first place had Trump’s predecessor not shoved the Affordable Care Act down the American people’s throat.

Moreover, these problems may soon very well disappear altogether if Trump and congressional Republicans can iron out an Obamacare repeal plan.

Kudos to The Times nevertheless for at least getting the story somewhat right for a change, though this unexpected moment of truth admittedly does very little to alter its heavily tarnished image as a purveyor of fake news.

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