Trump Offers Intimate Inside Look at Family Life in TMZ Interview


President-elect Donald Trump revealed a side of himself that the public rarely gets to see, proving that America made the right choice when they voted for him on Election Day.

In an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin that aired on Fox News Friday night, Trump spoke about the thing that is most important to him — family.

Trump spoke about his five children, and admitted to Levin that he wasn’t too involved with their upbringing.

“I talk to all my children, but not in the sense of that much involvement. Nothing I’m proud of, but their mothers have done such a good job,” the businessman said.

He described his wife, Melania, as a “traditional” mother, who preferred taking on the role of the primary caretaker of their son Barron, 10.

“She’s very traditional. She’d rather stay at home than anything else, she’s very traditional. I think that’s good,” he said. “I’m a good father but she’s very dominant when it comes to raising her son.”

Trump said as first lady, Melania would be “very helpful” to charities.

Trump also talked about his late, older brother, Fred, who died at 42 from alcohol-related illnesses. That experience led Trump to have a strict no drugs, alcohol or cigarettes policy for his children and even himself.

When asked if talking about his brother was painful, Trump said it was less painful than one would expect because through talking about it, he may be helping someone else.

Even his TMZ interview might help a viewer who was going through a rough time, he said.

“There’s somebody out there that’s watching you and I have this conversation that’s not going to be drinking or not going to be taking drugs or not going to start smoking cigarettes because of the conversation we’re having right now,” he told Levin.  “And there’s something really cool about that, don’t you think?”

There is already evidence that Trump’s no-drinking policy has made an impact on others who wish to achieve their on personal success.

Watch the interview below. The segment where Trump talked about drinking begins at the 21:47, and the segment where he talked about Melania begins at the 32:00 mark.

This interview revealed that Trump can be honest about his life and the people in it. Honesty is often underrated, but it is perhaps one of the finest qualities a president can have.

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