Trump – Obama Meeting Proves How Truly CLASSLESS Barack Obama Is


Classless to the very end, Barack Obama broke three important – and courteous – signs of respect for President-Elect Donald Trump as they met at the White House.

Yes, Obama gave a good scripted speech, saying he wished Trump well in his administration, but behind the words – the scripted words – were the actions of a man who has zero regard for decorum and dignity.

CBS has three great examples of this. The first is the typical “photo op.”

The current and future president stand together, smiling and facing the cameras. It shows unity. It shows that this country is one nation. Take a look at George W. Bush incoming with Bill Clinton and outgoing with Barack Obama:


Obama provided no photo opportunity like that for Donald Trump.

The second is what they refer to as “the warm greeting.” Presidents meet their successor as they walk into the White House, or there is a picture of them strolling the grounds. Obama permitted none of that with Donald Trump. How classless.


The final slap in the face is the enthusiastic handshake. When George W. Bush was welcomed by Bill Clinton, it was smiles on all sides. Again, a sign of unity. Lighthearted laughter… Something, anything to show respect. There was none of that. Here’s a comparison of two “handshakes.”


It was beneath the president to treat Donald Trump this way. It showed how truly classless the man is. His partisanship and enmity could not be covered up even for an important occasion like this.

Truly nauseating.

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