Trump Literally Embraces the Flag on Stage in Candid Photo the Left Will Hate


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump just held yet another massive rally in Florida, this time speaking to a packed house of roughly 20,000 wildly cheering supporters in an arena in Tampa.

While Trump was on stage in front of the large crowd, a photographer happened to catch him grabbing hold of something that will no doubt inspire furious recriminations and denouncements from liberals and their mouthpieces in the media.

No, Trump didn’t grab some unsuspecting and unwilling female by a certain body part, nor land from elderly homeowners, nor money from naive students or any of the other things Trump’s haters routinely allege he likes to grab.

Rather, Trump grabbed hold of an American flag that was beside him on the stage, flashing a big smile as he quite literally hugged the symbol of our great nation in a display of patriotism that is sure to have the anti-American left gagging:


Indeed, the one constant throughout Trump’s entire campaign is that he is doing this not to enrich himself or become more popular, but to improve upon the awesome country that has provided him the opportunity to become so successful and extend that opportunity to everyone else.

Whether it be through his idea of placing “America First” ahead of global interests or his opposition to liberal policies that denigrate this country, it is clear what he thinks about America as a whole.

Say what you will about Trump’s brashness, his crude “locker room banter” or his lack of specific knowledge on particular issues, there is no denying that the man simply loves this country and seeks to return to it the mantle of greatest nation in the world.

This patriotism and love of country stand in stark contrast to the American-flag-burning, national-anthem-kneeling, it’s-all-America’s-fault attitude on prominent display by the left.

Can you imagine President Barack Obama or Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton warmly embracing an American flag like Trump did? Not likely.

Donald Trump loves America and wants to make it great again. Those American voters who agree that our nation is worth restoring to its once-great stature on the world stage have literally only one choice for doing so in this 2016 election, and it is the man who has literally embraced the emblem of liberty.

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H/T Breitbart