Trump Lands In Miami… Immediately Asks Shocking Question


With less than a week to go before Election Day, both presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as well as their surrogates, have been furiously campaigning in swing states to earn as many last-minute votes as possible.

Trump was in Florida Thursday morning at a rally in Miami before heading up the coast to attend an event in Jacksonville.

However, as Trump was preparing to leave the Miami International Airport he noticed something that compelled him to take to social media with a rather pertinent question, one which might be shocking to some.

On his Facebook page, Trump stated, “Looking at Air Force One at Miami International Airport. Why is he campaigning instead of creating jobs & fixing Obamacare? Get back to work for the American people!”

Indeed, that is a question many American taxpayers have asked, not just during this campaign cycle, but virtually throughout President Barack Obama’s tenure in office.

To be sure, it is not at all unheard of for a sitting president to campaign on behalf of his party’s chosen successor, but Trump did make a valid point.

Were everything going swimmingly in this country right now, few would take issue with Obama’s near-constant road trips to stump for Clinton over the past couple of weeks.

But things are not going swimmingly at all, as Obamacare is crumbling and taking the American health insurance industry with it, the economy has reached a level of stagnation approaching the dismal Carter years, and millions of working-age Americans can’t find a decent job — to say nothing of the ever-threatening international hot spots that have revealed what an utter failure the Obama-Clinton foreign policy has been.

On the other hand though, as long as Obama is out of the Oval Office and jetting around the country to stump for Clinton, he isn’t signing new executive orders or helping push through business-crushing regulations or infringing on the constitutionally protected rights of American citizens. So we’ve got that going for us.

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