Trump Labels Madonna ‘Disgusting’ For Women’s March Remarks

Trump Labels Madonna Disgusting For Womens March Remarks

Madonna’s foul-mouthed headline-grabbing performance at the Women’s March on Washington, which included a comment about “blowing up the White House,” has earned her the scorn of President Donald Trump.

During an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity that aired Thursday night, Trump called the singer’s actions “disgraceful.”

“Honestly, she’s disgusting,” Trump said. “I think she hurt herself very badly. I think she hurt that whole cause.”

On Saturday, the singer vented her feeling about Trump by dropping several f-bombs and then going even further.

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House … but I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair,” she said then.

“I thought her and a couple of others. But I thought she was in particular. I thought what she said was disgraceful to our country,” Trump told Hannity.

Madonna later said her comments were taken “wildly out of context” and said she was “not a violent person.”



The singer was also taken to task by Kellyanne Conway, a White House counselor.

“You have celebrities from the podium using profanity-laced insults. You have a very prominent singer who’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars not going over to a woman’s shelter here in D.C. to write a check, but instead saying that she thought of, ‘burning down the White House.’”

Some on the left also criticized Madonna’s words.

During his interview with Hannity, Trump also bristled at comments directed at his son, Barron, 10, by Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich who was later suspended.

“I don’t mind some humor but it’s terrible. For them to attack, for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son…it’s a disgrace,” the president said. “He’s a great boy. And it’s not an easy thing for him. Believe me.”

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