Trump to Issue Up to 5 Executive Orders on Day One as President of the United States

Trump to Issue Up to 5 Executive Orders on Day One as President of the United States

Soon after Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office this Friday, he’s going to act quickly to eliminate wide swaths of President Barack Obama’s legacy.

And it’s all going to begin with his pen and his phone.

According to Reuters, Trump spokesman and incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced Wednesday that Trump would be signing a series of executive actions on his first day in the Oval Office.

“He’s got a few of them probably in the area of four or five that we’re looking at for Friday,” Spicer said during a news briefing on Wednesday. “Then there are some other ones that I expect him to sign with respect to a couple of issues that have been high on his priority list.”

Spicer did not say exactly what the executive actions would involve, although he did say that some of the actions would be logistical.

However, Breitbart hypothesized that the first to go might be the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, the two major components of President Obama’s executive actions on illegal immigration.

Trump, of course, ran in part on enforcing immigration laws, and ending DACA and DAPA with his pen and phone would certainly be the first step in accomplishing that. There are other possibilities being floated, such as overturning the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan or going after some of Obama’s executive actions on gun control.

Either way, it’s an awesome thought — after a long period of undemocratic rule via regulations and executive orders, so many of them are about to be undone by the new president. That’s what America elected him to do.

We can only hope he’s able to repeal all the damage that’s been done, starting Friday.

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