Trump-Haters Quietly Fill Restaurant, Then Use GROSS Move to Send Diners Running

Trump-Haters Quietly Fill Restaurant Then Use GROSS Move to Send Diners Running

A group of anti-Trump protesters thought it would be a good idea to stage a “cough-in” at the world-renowned Jean-Georges restaurant in the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan on Sunday afternoon.

The idea, which was more childish than anything else, was apparently the brainchild of Mark Milano and Rise & Resist, an organization aimed at questioning President Donald Trump’s policy initiatives, Fox News reported.

This particular cough-in was organized to protest Trump’s plan to repeal Obamacare.

In a video posted to Twitter, protesters can be seen and heard having coughing fits and holding signs that read “We need Obamacare.” Demonstrators also chanted, “We need Obamacare! Trump care makes us sick!”

In the video, one customer began to take signs away from the protesters, and undoubtedly other customers were perturbed.

Eventually police and security arrived and moved the protesters out of the building, where others joined in on the chanting.

Properties bearing Trump’s name have become targets for various activist groups since he won the presidency.

“None of us were actually sick,” Milano told the food-oriented website Eater, “but the idea was to draw attention to the health care issues in this country. When we began coughing, most of the diners looked at us strangely.”

They may not have been physically sick, but they quite possibly were sick in the head. Take a look at some of the most childish behavior you might ever see from Democrats:

Compare that to the anti-Obama protests in 2008 and 2012. Oh, yeah, there weren’t any.

Gathering a bunch of people inside a closed area — a restaurant, no less — to have them cough on customers and possibly into their food and drinks is about as disgusting as it gets.

The protesters, who are lucky they didn’t get their lights punched out by the nearest germophobe, should be arrested for disrupting the peace.

It’s sad even to try to think of what stupid thing Democrats will do next to protest against Trump.

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