Trump Floats NEW Immigration Restrictions… Targets Welfare Mooching Illegals

Trump Floats NEW Immigration Restrictions Targets Welfare Mooching Illegals

President Donald Trump has shown no sign of slowing down on his immigration plans, whether the liberals like it or not. In his latest draft for his plan he has targeted another group — and it is exactly what is needed to Make America Great Again.

In plans floated Monday and Tuesday, it appeared the Trump administration was looking to weed out would-be immigrants likely to require public assistance.

The documents also indicated that there would be a deportation process attached to target immigrants already living in the United States who depend on taxpayer monies through government welfare programs.

The draft, obtained by The Washington Post, called for a shake-up of the entire visa program, aiming on tightly controlling who would be allowed to enter the country to join the workforce and who would be allowed assistance from welfare.

While it was unclear whether these orders would be enacted, it certainly looked as though they were being seriously considered.

A White House representative did not comment on the authenticity of the drafts, so it will be a wait-and-see game in terms of making these provisions the law of the land.

However, if enacted, the orders would restrict all types of immigration and foreign travel to the United States, further expanding the travel restrictions President Trump put in place on Friday by executive order.

Though the focus of these orders would clearly be to prevent terrorism and improve national security, these new drafts would also address other campaign promises Trump made to the American people: to protect American workers and cut government spending.

You can read the draft orders in The Washington Post here.

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