Trump Fires Off 2 Responses To Violent Protesters – The 2nd One Is Totally Unexpected


From coast to coast — New York City to Oakland, California, Baltimore to Portland, Oregon — the “protesters” have been out in force to declare in often provocative and profane terms that Donald Trump will not be their president.

Despite how sympathetic media try to portray these opportunistic agitators as anti-Trump activists, many have turned out to be violent thugs and unabashed anarchists, acting in the very way the left warned that conservatives would behave if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency.

Now, the president-elect has actually weighed in on the often-destructive mobs and their violent tendencies. And with his social media messages, Trump’s reaction has taken an unexpected turn.

According to NBC News, the protests in heavily progressive Portland were deemed a riot by local officials after a second night of unrest, during which cars were destroyed, fires set and windows smashed with baseball bats as the “protesters” screamed “f*** Trump.”

All of this, supposedly, in the name of tolerance and respect for people’s rights.

Portland might provide the worst example of this tantrum-like, destructive behavior by the “inclusive” crowd, but we’ve seen plenty of news footage showing angry, out-of-control liberals wailing at the top of their lungs and holding Sharpie-scribbled poster board placards loudly declaring Donald Trump is “NOT MY PRESIDENT.”

Trump, of course, has always been a prolific Twitter user, and the chance to sound off on this rancorous reaction to his surprise win obviously called to him.

At first, Trump had a negative take, as I suspect all of us did who respect the orderly transition of political power.

Now, keep in mind, nothing Trump said is false. Most of these fears are stoked by the media. Most of them — particularly the idea that our president-elect will start nuclear war at the first opportunity — are grotesquely inaccurate.

There are reports that protesters have been bussed in to cause trouble, much like they were during Trump’s presidential campaign. And these are the same people who told Trump to do the right thing and “accept the results” when they were cock-sure Hillary Clinton was going to win.

However, on Friday morning, Trump tweeted something different and, for many, quite unexpected.

This is clearly a different Donald Trump, apparently tempered by the prospect of assuming the highest elective office in a land sharply divided and tensely on edge. He’s embracing the fact that we live in a messy society, where plenty of feelings are hurt. Instead of choosing to look at it through the lens of anger, he’s deciding to try to present a far more positive picture.

That’s a lot more tolerance than you’re ever going to hear out of a lot of these foul-mouthed Trump protesters. Take, for example CNN’s infamous “Lily.” In case you didn’t see it, Lily was a Latina protester in Los Angeles who was asked on camera Wednesday night what her grievances were.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter,” Lily told the CNN interviewer. “If we don’t fight, who is going to fight for us? People had to die for your freedom where we’re at today. We can’t just do rallies, we have to fight back. There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world. Trump, enough with your racism. Stop splitting families. Don’t split my family.”

Video below:

Lily seems to be calling for civil war and killing the opposition because her side in the political struggle lost an election. And yet, she wonders why her party lost it? In just moments of screen time, she managed to prove everything that so many Trump supporters said about the hatred, violence and stridency of the hardline, hypocritical left in America.

If liberals want to protest, they can continue protesting. I’m sure Trump probably won’t like it, but it certainly won’t hurt him. In fact, the bitterness and intolerance of the left has always been one of his most effective tools — and it will continue to be for the next four years.

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