Trump FIRES 4,000 From Washington


President-elect Donald Trump’s victory — as well as the major Republican victories — mean that there are a lot of Democrats in Washington D.C. that need to revamp their resumes; because come next year, they’re out of a job.

This year is especially tough for the Democrats because many of them may not have planned to hit the job market, as the Left was not expecting the huge Republican victories — with many on the right not expecting them either, for a variety of reasons (rigged system — polls, media, etc.).

You knew this video was coming:

Back in 2008, many of former President George W. Bush’s staffers faced the same situation, according to Ron Bonjean, a former Bush administration official and co-founder of Rokk Solutions public affairs.

Bonjean told the Washington Examiner: “Lots of Bush aides moved back to Texas because their job was done. Many Democratic aides will simply move back home or enroll in graduate school while a few will attempt to be absorbed by K Street.”

The Examiner reported:

According to the nonpartisan Center for Presidential Transition, some 4,000 jobs will be filled by the incoming administration, with about 1,000 of those requiring Senate confirmation.

According to PoliTemps, a political placement service, about 3,000 former campaign workers soon will descend on Washington for those jobs as the current office holders move on.

“When a new party takes control of legislative bodies, or the White House, it usually affects our business — and for the better,” said Chris Jones, president of PoliTemps.

“For one, we get an influx of qualified, politically savvy applicants from all around the country who see it as a chance to break into the big leagues in Washington. New players and leaders in Congress and the executive branch also force lobbyists and special interests to refocus priorities and strategies, and that means more client activity.”

When Trump met with President Obama this week, some of Obama’s staffers seemed distraught, and their behavior might have been due to being out of a job in addition to their liberal tears over a Trump victory.

That’s the nature of the job though, and they either knew it, or should have known it, going in. Since I’m feeling generous, I do hope that they land on their feet as I get a twinge whenever I hear anyone is out of work.

Moreover, I also hope that when they land on their feet they get a reality check and realize how massively flawed their ideology is. Now that would be a Christmas miracle…

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