Trump Condemns Manning Over Comments About Obama

Trump Condemns Manning Over Comments About Obama

President Donald Trump lashed out against Chelsea Manning Thursday after Manning turned on the president who commuted his sentence for leaking American secrets to WikiLeaks in 2010.

“Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!” Trump tweeted.

WikiLeaks noted in a response that Trump had used similar language to describe the former president.

WikiLeaks also defended Manning from any charge of being a traitor.

Manning, who before his sex change operations was known as Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for intentionally leaking U.S. secrets. That sentence was commuted by Obama last week. Manning is now scheduled to leave prison in May.

Trump’s tweets followed a column from Manning published in The Guardian in which he bemoaned the lack of progress achieved under Obama, saying Obama left behind “hints of a progressive legacy” but “very few permanent accomplishments.”

“The one simple lesson to draw from President Obama’s legacy: do not start off with a compromise. They won’t meet you in the middle. Instead, what we need is an unapologetic progressive leader,” Manning wrote.

Manning also commented negatively about how America will change under Trump.

” … we are moving into darker times. Healthcare will change for the worse, especially for those of us in need. Criminalization will expand, with bigger prisons filled with penalized bodies – poor, black, brown, queer and trans people. People will probably be targeted because of their religion. Queer and trans people expect to have their rights infringed upon,” he added.

Although Manning did not use the words attributed to him by Trump, those words were used in a Fox News summary of Manning’s column.

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