Trump to CNN: You’re Not “Fake News,” You’re “Very Fake News”

Trump to CNN Youre Not Fake News Youre Very Fake News

During an extensive news conference at the White House yesterday, President Donald Trump did not back down from his assertion that CNN is “fake news.”

In fact, as CNN reporter Jim Acosta confronted Trump about the matter, the president took things one step further and claimed CNN was not fake news but “very fake news.”

Acosta tried to reply that the network was “real news,” but Trump wasn’t having any of it.

The president told Acosta that the tone of the news coming from CNN was one of hatred, adding, “I’m really not a bad person, by the way.”

Acosta defended the network, and claimed that it didn’t hate Trump. Then he tried to take the moral high ground by injecting the First Amendment into the exchange.

“When you call it ‘fake news,’ you’re undermining confidence in our news media,” Acosta said, adding that Trump was “undermining the people’s faith in the First Amendment.”

The real issue is that every time CNN attempts to pass off fake news as real news, it’s undermining actual news and the media’s responsibility to report it. Moreover, anyone watching CNN would understand that the network doesn’t appear to be as concerned about the First Amendment as it is about giving airtime to one Trump-hater after another.

Take a look at the exchange during the news conference below:

Once again, Trump let the mainstream media know that he does not need them in any capacity.

He also let them know that since they can’t be trusted, he would simply take his message to the people without them. Which, of course, will only infuriate them to the point that they will continue to make up stories about the president and his administration, ultimately proving him right.

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