Trump Changes Down-on-His-Luck Boxer’s Life With Surprise Job Offer


Contrary to the liberal media portrayal of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a selfish and uncaring billionaire businessman who looks down upon or ignores those of a lesser stature than his own, there are actually a number of stories showing Trump to be a man of heart and compassion for those less fortunate than himself.

Case in point is the “American Comeback Story” of former professional boxer William Campudoni, a Puerto Rican from Spanish Harlem in New York who found himself down on his luck early in life but received a helping hand from Trump that literally turned everything around for him, according to the Independent Journal Review.

“I was a young pro Puerto Rican boxer— one of the originals the legendary Cus D’Amato took in. I worked and trained with the best, Tyson, Holyfield, and George Foreman. Before I could rise in boxing, someone gave me a chance like nobody else would,” Campudoni recalled.

“At the age of 22, I was on the brink of being homeless. I remember one night on Christmas Eve, I walked into the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and I said, ‘God, please give me a purpose,’” he shared. “As I exited, I walked down 5th Avenue and there was this gorgeous building. I walked inside and I said, ‘I’m looking for work.’”

“The next day, Trump hired me off the street. He gave me five navy blue suits. He shook my hand and he said, ‘Welcome to the family,’” stated Campudoni.

“I remember the night I was assigned to drive Mr. Trump to a meeting,” he continued. “I dropped him off, and as he’s getting out of the car, he said to me, ‘Can I bring you a steak? Because I’m going to be in there for quite a while.’ Who am I for him to stop his meeting and bring me something to eat?”

He went on to state that, despite what may be heard from Trump’s detractors and the media, Trump routinely hired people of all origins and backgrounds, and without exception treated them all like they were part of the family. Campudoni even shared a personal letter Trump had once written to him in appreciation of the job that he had done for the organization.

But Campudoni still suffered setbacks in life, not just with his boxing career, but with his family and health as well, explaining how he lost his wife to cancer, suffered heart attacks and a stroke, and had to raise his two children as a single father.

Nevertheless, he always drew on the inspiration he received from that letter Trump had written to him. “These words, they have been a constant reminder of how much I have been appreciated.”

“I never had a father, but I was so fortunate to come across these two gentleman,” Campudoni explained. “Cus D’Amato taught me how to be a fighter, but Donald Trump taught me how to act like a champion. Mr. Trump just didn’t give me a job that Christmas day. What I realize today is that he gave me a tool to help rediscover my purpose, which would be an inspiration to my children.”

“I feel like I back then represented where the country is now, in need of a helping hand, and a leader who will give us a purpose and legacy again,” he stated. “The country’s on the ropes, folks, and this time I know what I’m fighting for.”

You can watch William Campudoni’s inspirational story right here in its entirety:

This is incredible, and certainly something you won’t see reported by the mainstream media that unequivocally have thrown in their support with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Remember this as you go to the polls to cast your vote on Election Day.

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