Trump Cancels Signing Of Cybersecurity Executive Order

Trump Cancels Signing Of Cybersecurity Executive Order

President Donald Trump canceled plans to sign an executive order Tuesday that would have revamped the federal government’s cybersecurity protection.

No explanation for the postponement was given.

The Washington Post published what it said was a draft version of the order Trump was considering.

Based upon comments shared with pool reporters covering the White House, a White House official told reporters that the differences between what Trump will do and what past presidents had done could be summed up as “the changes are in management philosophy, in enterprise risk management, and modernizing federal IT. Not that that’s something previous presidents haven’t tried, but President Trump has a plan for accomplishing it.”

In reporting on the draft, the website TechCrunch noted it did not address voting systems.

CBS reported the draft order would require government departments to use best practices from the private sector and prepare for modernization.

Trump was touting the need for cybersecurity protection Tuesday when he met with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a special adviser for cyber issues, and others in what was called a “listening session.”

“The Democratic National Committee was hacked successfully, very successfully, and terribly successfully,” Trump said, saying that served as a “good example” of the need for greater cyber protection.

Trump on Tuesday said he will hold Cabinet secretaries and agency heads “totally accountable for the cybersecurity of their organizations.”

“We must protect federal networks and data,” Trump said. “We operate these networks on behalf of the American people and they are very important.”

Giuliani said private sector partnerships will be vital on cyber issues.

“By speaking out on this and holding regular meetings on it and using the bully pulpit, the presidency, you get the private sector to wake up,” he told Trump. “Some of the private sector have to wake up to the fact that they have to do more.”

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