Trump Calls Out CNN Fake News AGAIN Over This Clip… Was He Right or Not?

Trump Calls Out CNN Fake News AGAIN Over This Clip Was He Right or Not

Before Nov. 8, if you talked about “fake news,” it was generally assumed you were referring to The Onion. For a two-week period after Nov. 8, it was assumed that it referred to sketchy websites from the Baltics that were somehow responsible for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

Ever since then, it’s usually referred to the coverage the mainstream media has given conservatives for years — and the media is desperately wishing that they hadn’t introduced the two-word construction into the lexicon.

Donald Trump and his administration have been pretty persistent in calling out fake news, and they’ve done so again over what their bete noire CNN did to — of all people — Bernie Sanders. Now, some are calling foul and saying that Trump went too far, while others are saying he has a perfect reason to be suspicious.

Take a look and see what you think (relevant portion begins at 1:00):

It didn’t take long for Sen. Sanders’ audio problems to catch the attention of the president.

Now, this seems like it might be a bit of a stretch, all things considered. However, CNN has been known for having mic trouble that seems to happen at the darndest times, like when someone says something that might be uncomfortable for the producers. It’s almost as if CNN’s audio infrastructure itself had the delicate sensibilities of its viewers.

And lest you think that Republicans — and in particular, the Trump administration — using the words “fake news” to refer to CNN isn’t irking the men and women down who run the Clinton News Network in Atlanta, perhaps you should listen to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

“I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the n-word for journalists,” Cuomo said during a SiriusXM interview, “the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity.”

Really, Chris? I’m no political correctness defender, but even I can tell you this — if you really believe that, you need more black friends.

I don’t think that Mr. Cuomo has ever had a drunken hoodlum come up to him on a late-night F train and call him the words “fake news,” and left Mr. Cuomo fearing for his life. The fact that his remarks didn’t get him Don Imus-ed off of “the most trusted name in news” with all deliberate speed proves just how delusional the higher-ups at CNN Center have gotten over the conjoining of the words “fake” and “news” in relation to their journalistic model.

Is the accusation that Sanders was deliberately cut off by CNN farfetched? If it were any other network, I would say yes. In fact, I would still say it’s highly unlikely.

However, the fact that I would even have to consider them pulling audio from a sitting senator because of a harmless joke should be an indication of just how unethically CNN has comported itself during the 2016 election and its aftermath.

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