Trump Bashes MSM in Epic Tweet

Trump Bashes MSM in Epic Tweet

President Donald Trump has been attacked non-stop by the media for the better part of a year, and he hasn’t been afraid to hit back, even now that he is president.

After his 77-minute news conference on Thursday, in which he called out the media for their bias, on Friday Trump took to his favorite social media platform, Twitter, and called out the mainstream news outets yet again, CNS News reported.

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing NY Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS, CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” he wrote in his tweet.

Classic Trump.

AOL noted that Trump’s original tweet, which he deleted, included fewer news organizations than the tweet reference above. The original tweet only had the NY Times, CNN and NBC News included in it, along with the word “SICK!”

On Saturday morning, Trump continued his attack on the media, calling them out for their reporting on the alleged chaos within the White House.

“Don’t believe the main stream (fake news) media.The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it,” he wrote.

The media has gone out of their way over the past four weeks to try to sabotage Trump’s presidency, but they have failed. Trump isn’t afraid to call them on their lies, and the American people are starting to see through those lies as well.

All the “anonymous sources” in the world couldn’t help the media take down Trump. They can run all the fake stories they want. At the end of the day the American people only care if Trump gets results — which he is.

Instead of becoming the “opposition party,” maybe the media should try doing their job for once and just report the facts of the situation.

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