Trump Announces Giuliani As The Front-Runner For the Secretary Of State


Secretary of State is arguably the most important position in the entire cabinet, and President-elect Donald Trump thinks it needs a mayor’s touch — namely that of America’s Mayor.

According to The Hill, a top Trump administration official told the Associated Press that the secretary of state job is Rudy Giuliani’s, should the former New York City mayor and 2008 presidential candidate want it.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” former House Speaker and top Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich indicated that he believed Giuliani was the top pick for any post he desired, saying that he had “worked his heart out” for Trump’s campaign.

“I have no information, but if Rudy wants it, he’ll get it,” Gingrich said. “I thought he’d might prefer attorney general, where he would be brilliant, or Homeland Security where his experience at 9/11 would be great … I think it’ll be fabulous to have him as secretary of state.”

Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor who rose to prominence taking down New York City’s massive infrastructure of organized crime, had previously been tipped as a top pick for the position of attorney general in a Trump administration. However, Giuliani stated that he was not interested in the position during comments at a recent event in Washington.

If Giuliani were to refuse the position as secretary of state, the next man up would be former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. Bolton, one of the Bush administration’s most controversial figures and stalwart conservatives, is known for his adversarial relationship with the international body during his time there.

Given the resumes and ideological perspectives of both Giuliani and Bolton, it’s clear that Trump is not likely to pick an establishment figure as his secretary of state. Good. Trump’s foreign policy needs to be different from just the watered-down Democrat Lite we’ve seen from the Republican establishment on so many occasions.

With all the acrimony in the world and America’s diminishing influence, we need a man like Giuliani or Bolton. Either one would be an amazing pick, and we support them 100 percent.

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