Trey Gowdy: Dems More Interested in Playing Politics Than Getting the Truth About Trump and Russia

Trey Gowdy Dems More Interested in Playing Politics Than Getting the Truth About Trump and Russia

For the past few months, Democrats have been pushing for an investigation of President Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia as well as allegations that the Russians manipulated the U.S. 2016 elections.

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” this week to blast Democrats for politicizing the investigation.

“The Democrats may be new to this investigation. But the Republicans in the House, as it relates to Russia and their attempts to interfere in our elections, we’re not new to it,” Gowdy said, reacting against Democrat allegations that House Republicans aren’t taking the investigation of Russian hacking seriously.

Gowdy also accused Democrats of playing politics and not being concerned about getting to the truth.

“They’re (the Democrats) much more interested in the politics of it than they are actually finding out what happened,” he stated.

Gowdy did say that it was likely that the Russians were “messing around” with the U.S. elections, but not to the extent that they somehow manipulated the voting into getting Trump elected as some Democrats have claimed.

“We know they were messing around with it. We don’t think they had any impact on the outcome, but obviously we’re not going to ignore something like that,” Gowdy explained.

Instead of trying to blame the Russians for everything, Democrats need to accept that it was their own failed polices, and especially their failed candidate, that were responsible for their humiliating loss in November.

Russia is not America’s friend. However that doesn’t mean that there is some vast Russian conspiracy to get Trump elected.

Trump wants friendlier relations with Russia, as most past presidents have wanted when they were sworn in. That isn’t proof of some vast Hollywood-type conspiracy. It’s proof that Trump thinks that the world would be better off if two major powers didn’t hate each other.

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