Toughest Sheriff In America Just Won The Battle Of His Life, And Obama Is Furious, His Nightmare Is Going To Get Worse!


This sheriff is American ideal, he is truly the new version of old American sheriffs that were ruthless with the scumbags and criminals, protecting the ordinary law-abiding people and not carrying too much about political correctness.

But democrats want him politically dead, but that is not going to happen soon!

According to Viral Liberty:

“Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is truly America’s toughest sheriff. He just crushed three challengers in a primary election, as his support among Republicans is overwhelming.

While the Obama administration has tried to stop him from fighting against illegal immigration, Arpaio has never backed down.

Now, with Arpaio having success on election day, perhaps we now know who a President Donald Trump’s Attorney General would be?

This is incredible:

When the Republican presidential ticket pivoted to focus on illegal immigration this summer, Donald Trump pointed to the man who has come to embody the muscular enforcement approach of the 2000s — massive immigration raids, unremitting warnings about the dangers posed by illegal immigrants and bold public pronouncements about enforcing the rule of law.

But while Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County’s six-term sheriff, has become a national touchstone to hardcore immigration enforcement advocates, he is increasingly under duress on the home front.

Arpaio easily rolled over three primary challengers Tuesday in a race the Associated Press called less than half an hour after the polls closed at 8 p.m. In early returns, Arpaio had 67% of the vote. His closest challenger, Dan Saban, had just 26%.

Sheriff Joe is Obama’s worst nightmare, and he will continue to expose Obama’s amnesty agenda.”


And sheriff Arpaio is going to get reinforcement – Trump in the White House! He will get the biggest possible support in America – the White House and the federal government!

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