Top Democrats Turn Out For Anti-Trump, Pro-Abortion ‘Women’s March’

Top Democrats Turn Out For Anti-Trump Pro-Abortion Womens March

The day after President Donald Trump appealed for unity, top-name Democrats were promoting division as the pro-abortion Women’s March took place in Washington.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry took part in the march, along with his dog, Ben.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton reprised one of her campaign slogans as she tweeted out her support for the march.

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., also joined the crowd and was hailed as “our next president!”

The march was largely focused on fanning the flames of opposition to Trump and was supported by many of the entertainment industry figures that supported Clinton’s bid for the presidency.

For example, Actress America Ferrera alleged “our new president is waging a war” on what she called American values with “a credo of hate, fear and suspicion of one another.”

“It’s been a heart-rending time to be both a woman and an immigrant,” said Ferrera. “Our dignity, our character, our rights have been under attack.”

The march limited its participants to those who support abortion, which meant organizers disinvited Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa said her group, New Wave Feminists, after learning the group was opposed to abortion.

Herndon-De La Rosa said the march represented “a very specific type of diversity, which does not include everyone.” She said she was planning to show up Saturday, welcome or not.

“Any time women come together, exciting things happen, so we definitely wanted to be there with the pro-life contingent of that,” she said.

“We just believe in protecting life from the womb to the tomb. … Obviously being pro-life is a different take on feminism,” Herndon-De La Rosa said. “Since women were viewed as property for a huge chunk of history, we don’t think it’s OK to view children as property, especially since they are the most vulnerable among us.”

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