Tom Hanks Reveals Shocking WH Moment… Dead Bird and a Super Cool George W. Bush

Tom Hanks Reveals Shocking WH Moment Dead Bird and a Super Cool George W Bush

Thirteen years ago, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his family met then-President George W. Bush, and boy was it an experience that they will never forget.

Speaking earlier this week on comedian Phoebe Robinson’s WNYC podcast, “Sooo Many White Guys,” Hanks explained how he, his wife and his two sons had traveled to Washington in 2004  for the dedication of the National World War II Memorial.

While there, they decided to take a tour of the White House, and it was during this tour that the family accidentally ran into the president … wearing his gym clothes. Rather than just quickly greeting them and then continuing on his way to the gym, however, President Bush decided to personally take them on an impromptu tour.

And that was when it happened.

“We’re walking towards the Rose Garden to go into the Oval Office … And I swear to God, there was a dead black bird laying in the grass,” the actor explained on Robinson’s podcast. “And we said, ‘Oh, my gosh, look at that.’ And he said, ‘Ah, that’s a shame.’”

“And he picks up the bird with his bare hands and he says, ‘Yeah, we get these all the time in the ranch,’” Hanks continued. “And he threw the black bird into the bushes. He said, ‘Ah, the crew will pick that up.’”

Listen to the full podcast interview below:

According to the actor, his family “has been dining out on that story for about a thousand years now.”

You can’t really blame them for that, since just the image of the former leader of the free world tossing the carcass of a dead bird into a bush is stunningly hilarious. I mean, who does that? Former President George W. Bush, apparently.

And let’s be honest. How many of us would have done the exact same thing had we be in the same pickle? Well, some of us may have used gloves, but you get the point.

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