Time Magazine Puts Donald Trump On Cover After Massive Victory


Time magazine won’t be receiving an award from the Trump White House for fairness and accuracy in journalism anytime soon. However, that didn’t stop them, just this once, from treating Donald Trump with some respect.

Granted, he had to get elected president, but still.

I’m sure Trump’s people celebrate the little victories, especially after the big one.

Time chose an evocative photo, taken by one of their staff photographers, at Trump’s victory speech:


The caption on the story reads, “The cover photo captures the energy of the supporters who propelled Trump to victory.”

“Donald Trump defied the odds to become the 45th U.S. president, putting him on the cover of TIME’s election issue,” the article read.

“The cover photo, shot by Time’s Chelsea Matiash in the early hours of Nov. 9 just a few minutes after Hillary Clinton’s concession call, shows Trump addressing his supporters and the nation. Looking to his left at his teleprompter with Vice President-elect Mike Pence at his side, Trump called for Americans of all political allegiances to unite behind him.”

That may be the enduring story of the 2016 election: how a candidate with no political experience, no ground game and tepid support at best from the major party from which he won the nomination managed to defeat the most well-funded establishment candidate in Ameican history, all on the energy of supporters who kept on fighting for their candidate.

There are a wide range of opinions about the president-elect, even within the conservative movement. Few, however, can argue with the way that he energized voters in a way never before seen in a presidential election.

Indeed, the energy created one of the most contentious electoral showdowns in history, even as Hillary Clinton faced massive amounts of voter apathy within her own party. And that energy is what put Trump over the top.

Time, it seems, definitely recognizes this.

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Source: conservativetribune.com