Thugs Open Fire on Restaurant After Their Pizza Didn’t Have the Right Toppings

Thugs Open Fire on Restaurant After Their Pizza Didnt Have the Right Toppings

In yet another example of how broken our society has become, two teenagers were arrested after they shot at a Nashville restaurant after the establishment had the audacity to give them a pizza with the wrong toppings on it, The Smoking Gun reported.

Instead of going back in and complaining, these teens thought that firing off a few rounds in the restaurant would be a better way to express their displeasure.

I suppose people have had worse excuse for firing guns at each other, although none come to mind at the moment.

Djuan Bowers, 18, Tynerick Turner, 17, and a 16-year-old boy who was not named were all arrested after the shooting.

Thankfully, no one inside the restaurant was injured.

The Tennessean reported that an undercover cop had been in the area at the time of the shooting and was able to follow the teens back to their house. He then called for backup and had them all arrested.

In addition to “12 counts of aggravated assault, unlawful handgun possession and vehicle theft,” Bowers and Turner were charged with a robbery that occurred on Feb. 20, The Tennessean reported.

These are the sorts of actions taken by teenagers who were raised in a household that didn’t teach them rules, didn’t teach them morals and most certainly didn’t teach them common sense.

We live in a society that has become morally bankrupt, and instead of teaching children proper values has decided to let them do whatever they please, leading to some very terrible outcomes.

As a society we need to start raising our children right so that incidents like this become the exception, not the norm.

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