Thanksgiving Photos Of Hillary Surface, People Immediately Notice Something VERY STRANGE…


Failed 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was spotted this week shopping for Thanksgiving, and well, she looked different.

According to some, it appeared as if she had aged by a decade … or two or three.

Take a look:

What happened to her? Writing in Slate earlier this month, Slate writer L.V. Anderson explained that Clinton “no longer has to try” to look presentable to the public.

“An enormous amount of invisible labor went into making Clinton look youthful and refreshed while she was on the campaign trail,” Anderson admitted. “Clinton, and everyone around her, knew that if she ever went outside without her hair perfectly coiffed and her face covered in makeup, she would get raked through the coals for looking old and ragged.”

“Now that she’s no longer campaigning, Clinton is done playing the game, which shouldn’t alarm or concern anyone,” she added.

And like I explained at the Conservative Tribune, “So in other words, the Hillary Clinton seen by the public for the last year or so was just a charade or fake designed to fool the masses.”

“That’s good to know and explains a lot …”

The argument can be made that the Hillary Clinton we have observed both on the campaign trail and in office was never the real Hillary — it was a pseudo Hillary designed to put on airs.

To be fair, however, we all engage in the same behavior everyday when we dress up for work or don a nice outfit for a gathering of friends or family.

That said, it is obvious from these pics that Hillary definitely took her “putting of airs” to a whole new level …

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H/T The Gateway Pundit