She Tells Dad Classmate “Proposed” to Her at School. But When She Hands Dad the Ring, His Jaw DROPS


A little girl named Millie received a diamond ring proposal, and the internet can’t get enough of her story. It’s not every day a boy steals his mother’s diamond ring and proposes to his sweetheart at school, but one confident little kid did just that!

The story began when Millie rushed home to tell her parents that Tommy asked her to marry him. Amused, her parents asked for a few more details, and found themselves in collapsing in laughter with what happened next.

“So Tommy’s proposed to Millie and she keeps telling us she’s got a ring in her bag,” Millie’s father began. Like most parents, they were expecting a toy ring, or maybe a candied ring pop, but Tommy’s taste was of a much finer quality.

Millie went to her backpack and showed her parents the ring. In disbelief, her parents couldn’t help but document the incredible story through video.

“Tommy has stolen his mother’s engagement ring!” exclaimed Millie’s father. Meanwhile, Millie’s mother is heard bursting with laughter as her husband holds the ring up for the world to see.

“Three enormous diamonds!” Millie’s father grinned into the camera. Pretty impressive, young and bold Tommy.

The internet is swooning over Tommy’s sweet proposal, and we’re pretty sure Millie is, too. While she didn’t get to keep the ring, the memory is hers forever.

Interestingly enough, many viewers commented with their own stories of childhood proposals involving expensive jewelry. While the jewelry had to be returned, the moment was forever cherished.

“I had this happen when I was in elementary school,” wrote one viewer. “A boy that fancied me took his grandma’s expensive ring and tried giving it to me.”

“I also took my mums huge sapphire engagement ring and gave it to Lisa English at primary school,” another viewer recalled. “Her mum brought it round our house after school and I couldn’t sit down for a week when my dad got home,” he laughed.

Do you have a childhood proposal story of your own that still brings a smile to your face? We’d love to hear about it!

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