Teen Spends $25k Bar Mitzvah Money on New Shoes, Then Gives Them to the Needy


As a kid, how did you spend your holiday money? Video games? Toys? Saving up for a car?

Whatever it was, you probably didn’t do what this 13-year-old El Paso, Texas, boy did. After receiving $25,000 in cash for his bar mitzvah, he bought shoes and socks for 800 people in need.

According to USA Today, Drew Frank had asked those who would be attending his bar mitzvah to only give cash, no presents. The total turned out to be a hefty $25,000, enough money to turn any kids’ eyes into dollar signs.

However, Frank had other ideas. According to KSDK-TV, he partnered with the Braden Aboud Foundation — a group that’s been giving away shoes to the needy since 2008 — and purchased 800 pairs of Nikes and 800 pairs of socks. He then gave them all away.

“I’m giving sneakers to these kids who may otherwise not have new sneakers,” Frank said. “They just get shoes that have been passed down from generation to generation. I just wanted to give back to these kids who are less fortunate than me.”

According to KABC-TV, over 400 pairs of the shoes and socks were distributed to one school in an underprivileged neighborhood. The rest will go to an orphanage and a YWCA transitional center for women and children in need.

Braden Aboud Foundation founder Cindi Aboud says that this is the first time the group has partnered with a single person.

“Drew and his family approached us about doing something together,” Aboud told USA Today. “My hope is that our foundation will be able to one day get the sponsorship of Nike or another big shoe retailer to partner with us so we can buy more shoes.”

What this 13-year-old young man did at his bar mitzvah is proof that the spirit of giving is alive and well. As we approach this holiday season, even though most of us won’t be having a bar mitzvah, we will be receiving gifts. Maybe it’s time to look into taking care of those who need our help.

If you’re particularly blessed, please consider this young man’s case. You don’t need to give $25,000. Whatever you can will suffice. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter to pass this on.

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