Teen Girl Fights Off Deadly Shark Attack by Punching It

Teen Girl Fights Off Deadly Shark Attack by Punching It

It started out like a scene out of “Jaws.” It ended with a knockout worthy of “Rocky.”

According to WHAS-TV, a Louisville, Kentucky, high school senior managed to survive a shark attack in Florida after she punched the beast until it swam off.

Caitlyn Taylor, 17, was down in the Sunshine State for spring break. She’d traveled to Destin, on the gulf coast, with her sister and other members of the Atherton High School softball team, according to her mother, Tracey Taylor.

While Taylor and her teammates were out on a a sandbar at the SunDestin Beach Resort and Hotel, a shark appeared. First, it brushed against Taylor’s sister, then went after Taylor.

“Circling and circling, and then the second one came and then it was circling. And then it would go low,” witness Kelley Fogg said, according to KTVI-TV. “I was like — somebody — they need to get out of the water.”

“Caitlyn says she turned around and the head of it was coming towards her with a wave and she said she turned to swim back to shore and she says she felt it just grab her and lift her off of the bottom,” Tracey Taylor told WHAS.

However, that’s when her daughter went into “Rocky” mode, Tracey Taylor said. Caitlyn punched the shark square in the nose and the 5-foot fish swam off. A statement on Facebook by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office said authorities don’t know what kind of shark it was.

Caitlyn is, thankfully, OK, although her mother disputed a statement from Okaloosa County authorities that her injuries were “minor.”

“There’s nothing minor about having to have 120-140 stitches,” Tracey Taylor said. “She has cuts on her hand and upper and lower jaw marks on both legs.”

Images are available on WHAS‘ website, although we warn you that they are graphic.

Tracey Taylor did mention that her daughter was in good spirits and was most disappointed in missing out on some good softball.

Hey, if the softball thing doesn’t work out, she can always try boxing.

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