Teen Breaks Cellphone And Then Plugs It Into Computer… What Popped Up Is HORRIFYING

Teen Breaks Cellphone And Then Plugs It Into Computer What Popped Up Is HORRIFYING

A teenage girl in the U.K. was highly disappointed when she shattered her cellphone screen after dropping it, but that disappointment turned into utter horror and disgust for both the girl and her mother after the broken phone was plugged into a laptop, revealing some rather unusual content.

According to the Liverpool Echo, the 15-year-old girl had plugged the broken phone into her laptop to retrieve her pictures and other data, but quickly discovered a set of pictures that she had never seen before, much less taken.

Hidden away on the Sony Ericsson phone were a number of pictures featuring a middle-aged couple, some of them nude and pornographic, which were stamped as having been taken in 2013-2014 on a Nokia phone, long before the young girl had obtained her phone of a different brand.

“My daughter screamed, so I legged it up the stairs thinking the house was on fire. Then she showed me the pictures,” recalled 41-year-old Carlene Walsh, according to the U.K. Mirror.

“They are horrible, they are absolutely disgusting. And they are dated back to 2013, before she ever had the phone,” proclaimed Walsh. “She won’t even use that phone now. I have had to go out and buy her a new one because she won’t touch it.”

It is worth noting that the strange images and amateur porn didn’t appear on the phone itself, and only showed up when the phone was synced up with the girl’s laptop.

Walsh has now taken the issue up with Virgin Mobile, the provider of the cellphone in question, though she felt little has been done to rectify or even explain the odd situation.

For its part, a Virgin spokesperson stated that it was “highly unlikely” that the pictures in question could have been put on the phone before it was purchased by the teen, though they have offered to conduct a full examination of the device to make sure.

“We always provide brand new handsets to new mobile customers. It is extremely unlikely the images in question could have been on this device prior to purchase, and our investigation into this case supports this,” the spokesman said. “We are happy to complete a full analysis of the device to try and help determine how the images appeared on the phone.”

It remains to be seen exactly how the “absolutely disgusting” pictures of half-nude middle-aged people got onto the phone, though they could have been placed there by a rogue factory employee having some sick fun, or possibly as a result of some weird sort of malfunction and misplacement of data through “the cloud.”

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