Ted Cruz To Stump For Trump Alongside Pence


Over the past week, the Republican Party has finally started to coalesce around presidential nominee Donald Trump, thanks in large part to the FBI reopening its investigation into Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s email server.

But even before that news broke, Republicans were finally starting to “come home” to Trump, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who finally endorsed Trump roughly a month ago.

Since giving Trump his endorsement, Cruz has occasionally spoken in defense of Trump on Facebook and Twitter, but he has never appeared on the campaign trail for Trump — until now, The Hill reported.

Cruz and Pence will be campaigning together on Thursday in Iowa and Michigan. This marks yet another chapter in the long and difficult relationship that Cruz and Trump have had over the past year.

Cruz exited the race after losing Indiana to Trump. The two exchanged some pretty low blows, but Cruz angered many people when he pointedly refused to endorse Trump during the Republican National Convention a few months later.

Cruz’s eventual endorsement was seen as being a positive sign for Republican unity, as it gave Trump a much-needed boost among conservatives.

Having Cruz hit the campaign trail for Trump will help many of Cruz’s die-hard supporters — supporters who haven’t been eager to support Trump — finally come over to the Trump Train.

Cruz and Pence have a good relationship, which has helped Cruz eventually accept the idea of a Trump presidency. It is unclear at this point whether Cruz and Trump will appear on the campaign trail together or if this is simply a one-time deal with Pence.

Having Cruz and Trump appear together would be a powerful statement that could help lock in the Republican vote — but simply having Cruz on the campaign trail at all could do wonders.

If Cruz and Trump can reconcile with each other after everything that happened, that might just convince the remaining Republican holdouts to back Trump on Election Day.

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Source: conservativetribune.com