Taya Kyle Defends Melania Trump Saying The Lord’s Prayer

Tara Kyle Defends Melania Trump Saying The Lords Prayer

On Friday, first lady Melania Trump surprised a great many people, including her husband, when she began her remarks at President Donald Trump’s Florida rally by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Predictably, Twitter was quickly alight with nasty liberal trolls attacking her decision to say the prayer, her appearance and her accent.

Many prominent Republicans quickly rushed to the first lady’s defense, including Taya Kyle, the widow of legendary sniper Chris Kyle, who appeared on Fox News‘ “Fox & Friends” to discuss the controversy.

“The attacks are unfounded, and I think people don’t understand what was meant originally by separation of state and church,” Kyle explained.

“It was meant to protect the churches from government influence. It was meant to protect the people from having the government force a religion down their throat or compel them to believe something their conscience was not allowing for,” she said.

For many Republicans, Trump’s comments were a refreshing change from the past eight years, when religion — in particular Christianity — has been publicly marginalized because the Obama administration didn’t much approve of it.

“I wish more people in government would speak their mind and their heart, and that’s for any religion that they have,” Kyle said. “I’d like to know who’s leading and what religion they’re leading with.”

Actions like Melania Trump’s prayer are one reason the Trumps are so popular with Republicans. They’re not afraid to say what they think, and they are both willing to buck tradition if they think something will work better in its place.

Trump’s prayer also reminded all of us that there is a higher power, one we should constantly keep in mind as we debate the finer points of numerous important policies in the upcoming weeks and months.

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Source: conservativetribune.com