Tattoo Removal Business EXPLODING Due to Deportation Fears

Tattoo Removal Business EXPLODING Due to Deportation Fears

Job creation has been a focus for Donald Trump, both during the campaign and his presidency. However, when he was thinking of economic growth, he was probably thinking more of companies like Ford or IBM. Tattoo removal, in other words, likely wasn’t on the list.

However, KPIX-TV in San Francisco reported that the industry has been a surprise beneficiary of President Trump. That’s thanks to increased enforcement of immigration laws under the new administration.

In one San Pablo, California, tattoo removal shop, traffic has more than doubled as members of the Latino community remove identifying marks they think will cause officers to ask about their legal status.

Typically, most tattoo removal is for reasons like erasing the names of former lovers or tidying up for a job interview. So this is different.

“A lot of people don’t want to be a moving target or even seen as a target,” said Nora Ruiz of the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation. “And for fear that they might be seen as a certain type of person or judged in any way, people want to get their tattoos removed.”

Now, let’s keep in mind there’s actually no evidence that authorities are using tattoos to target individuals, and one would wonder about how constitutional that would be.

There’s one case in Seattle where the family and attorney of an illegal immigrant claimed he was detained by immigration agents because of his tattoos, but the Seattle Times reportsed that an Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said the man was taken into custody because he admitted to being a gang member. Most everything else was based on rumor and second-hand hearsay.

Liberals, of course, are aghast. However, we’d like to point out that these illegal immigrants are in the country — and I know this may shock you — illegally. I mean, who would have thought they were actually breaking a law?

On the plus side, I’m sure a lot of tattoo removal places are owned by liberals. So, hey, at least they see some of the economic windfall. You can thank us later.

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