Most Successful Pageant Coach in World Says She’s Never Heard 1 Rumor About Trump Misbehaving With Contestants


Another former Miss USA contestant has emerged to defend GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump from the onslaught of sexual abuse and harassment allegations he has had lodged against him.

“Why hasn’t any of this ever swirled around the pageant world?” former contestant Chelsea Cooley, who went on to become a pageant coach after competing in the Miss Universe 2005 competition, asked the U.K. Daily Mail rhetorically.

“I ran the most successful pageant coaching business in that world for nine years, and we trained all of the girls every year for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA,” she continued. “If anybody would’ve heard anything about that it would have been me. I was so deeply rooted and planted in that organization and training the girls.”

Yet she heard nothing up until a month before the presidential election. It seemed odd to say the least.

“Why would you not come out about it before if it happened and if it was something that greatly bothered you?” Cooley added. “I guess I am a different person because if something bothered me, I would speak out about it.”

When the manager at the restaurant where she worked as a teen 16 years ago sexually assaulted her, for instance, she immediately told her mother, who in turn contacted the restaurant’s owner.

“I mean we went through every appropriate measure because it was not right,” she said.

Speaking on Fox News this weekend, Cooley added that during the 11 years she had known Trump, he had never once mistreated her.

“He has been nothing but respectful, so I have never had a negative encounter with him,” she claimed.

Either two Trumps exist — good Trump and evil Trump — or someone is lying about his past behavior. And since the number of women who have come out in his defense surpasses the number who have accused him of wrongdoing, it does make you wonder.

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