Students Flock to Campus With American Pride After School Tells Students He Can’t Have American Flag

Students Flock to Campus With American Pride After School Tells Students He Cant Have American Flag

There are an unfortunate number of people in this country who seem to think that expressions of patriotism, such as flying the American flag, shouldn’t be allowed because it might offend some thin-skinned people.

An assistant principal of Dinwiddie High School, located in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, appears to be one of those people. Dinwiddle student Daniel Nunnally Jr. was asked by the assistant principal, who was not named, to remove the American flag he had flying on his truck, WRIC reported.

“I was in the middle of my second period weight training class and my assistant principal came in and pulled me out of class and told me that I had to go outside to take both flags off my truck so there is no controversy or anything,” Nunnally told the television station.

Nunnally, who is considering joining the Army Reserves, asked the assistant principal if he should remove the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag he had flying. The assistant principal insisted that both that flag — known as the Gadsden flag — and the American flag should be removed.

The assistant principal soon learned what a stupid decision that was when roughly a dozen students showed up with flags on their cars the next day in protest.

Soon, the order was rescinded. The administration claimed that the assistant principal had asked the student to remove the flags for safety because they might be blocking his view while driving.

Check out the WRIC report here:

Nunnally’s father supported the student.

“My entire family fought and died under that flag,” Nunnally Sr. stated.

If this was indeed all about safe driving, the assistant principal wouldn’t have used the word “controversy.” Clearly, the school was worried about some delicate snowflake being offended by the red white and blue.

Instead of forcing patriotic Americans like Nunnally to change their way of life to suit a small fraction of the population, people like this assistant principal should teach those who hate this country to either love it, or leave it.

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