Strange Man Runs Across Highway SCREAMING At Her. But He KNEW After His Windshield Shattered

Strange Man Runs Across Highway SCREAMING At Her But He KNEW After His Windshield Shattered

Sometimes people just happen to be in the right place at the right time. In such cases, one cannot help but accredit divine intervention.

Recently, a man from Michigan City experienced just that.

Michael French was driving to work on the interstate one morning when the strangest thing happened. An owl flew right into his car, leaving the windshield shattered!

That is certainly not something you encounter every day. ”It sounded like a brick hitting my window or something. It was just ridiculously loud,” said French.

He pulled to the side of the road and called the police. In all, it took about half an hour for French to file a report with the police. When he was finished, he got back on the road to continue on his way to work.

A few miles down the road, French happened upon another event you do not see often. There, parked on the other side of the interstate, was a car that had flames underneath it.

In the car was Donnette Williams, unaware of the impending danger. She had pulled over to call her step-father because she noticed smoke coming from under the hood of her car.

In an act of heroism, French jumped out of his car and ran across three lanes of traffic, shouting for Williams to get out of her car. It took a while for Williams to understand what French was doing, but when she finally understood, she grabbed her purse and jumped out.

It is shocking how many vehicles drove right past the burning car. However, French’s wife Samantha said her husband always stops for drivers in need of help.

After the event, Williams searched for French on Facebook so she could get in contact with him. When she finally found his profile, she sent him a message thanking him for his actions.

”I’m grateful God placed him there and I have my life to be at home with my kids,” said Williams. How incredible is it to know that there is a merciful God who has His hand on every situation?

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