Store Uses “Black Fridays Matter” In Advertisement, BLM Groups Outraged


A retail store suffered the wrath of the Black Lives Matter movement after a controversial Black Friday promotional ad.

According to The Daily Caller, The Serpentine, an upscale clothing store in the affluent Yorkville neighborhood of Toronto, Canada, both sent out emails to its patrons and posted its ad on social media.

“All Sales Can’t Matter Until Black Friday Sales Matter,” the ad read, with a picture of a civil rights march in the background.

As soon as the post started getting negative reaction, the store removed the picture and issued an apology.

“We at the Serpentine wanted to take this opportunity to apologize for the frustration and confusion people are feeling regarding our Black Friday post,” the statement read.

“The post was purely intentioned to reference the droves of people that shop for deals this coming Friday. The post was a play on words, not meant to disprect anyone or any group. We have customers of all races, religions, and orientations. Serpentine is a multicultural boutique from its staff, all the way down to its brands from around the globe.”

Huffington Post Canada shared the reaction from customers. One even posted a picture of store’s apology with an explanation as to why the apology didn’t suffice.

However, one of the store’s managers, Paul, hit back with an answer as to why they will not offer a further apology.

“We’re not going to address something so stupid. It’s not any kind of ploy to sell clothing,” he said. “We sell the highest end brands in the city and we have great customers, black, white, Chinese, Indian, every culture.”

Paul also noted that the co-owner of the store, Stephen, was black. He reiterated that they did not mean to offend anyone with their ad, and assured the public that they respect people of different races.

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