Stephen Baldwin Just Risked His Career With STUNNING Message To Trump Supporters


While renowned actor Alec Baldwin brings in killer ratings for Saturday Night Live for his impersonation of GOP nominee Donald Trump, his brother has stepped up in the opposite manner — unwavering support of Donald Trump.

Stephen Baldwin is an actor, author, director and producer, famous for playing many roles, not the least of which is McManus in “The Usual Suspects.”

Unlike his older brother, he is also a Christian and a conservative.

After the release last week of Donald Trump’s “locker room” comments, Stephen Baldwin urged conservatives not to “get distracted” by Trump’s misbehavior.

He recalled Donald Trump as a laid-back guy.

“My observations of Donald Trump behind the scenes during ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ were a guy who was really fun and a family guy working with his kids — Ivanka, and Don Jr. and Eric were all on the show. I actually got to see a guy who was pretty relaxed and fun,” Baldwin began.

Does that excuse his behavior as shown in the 2005 tape? Absolutely not. And you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who believed that. However, what concerned Stephen Baldwin was people getting pulled away from the issues — like fighting a corrupt politician who champions socialist policies.

“You know, I want to just reiterate one idea, and that is the key now is that people don’t get distracted by all this stuff,” he explained. “You gotta stay focused on the direction of the country and who is better qualified to take us in that direction.”

He also implored those of us who do pray to pray for Donald Trump — if we believe we should pray for our leaders, why should we not pray for those we hope to lead?

“If you ask me, it’s Donald Trump, and I’m hoping that all of the Christian base out there would be praying for Mr. Trump, praying for Vice President Pence, and keeping our focus on what’s important.”

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