Steelworker Explains Why He Switched Sides to Vote for Trump

Steelworker Explains Why He Switched Sides to Vote for Trump

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise of bringing back jobs to America and restoring industries, like the steel industry, that had been utterly decimated under President Barack Obama.

Trump won over many blue-collar workers with that rhetoric — many of whom had been Democrats for years. Now they are waiting patently for Trump to follow through on his promises, The Daily Signal reported.

Many workers suffered greatly under Obama, like Roger Ramsey, who was laid off after his steel mill closed in Sparrows Point, Maryland, in 2012. Many of them lost their jobs due to crushing government regulations, and now they are pinning their hopes on Trump.

“As far as manufacturing goes, we all know that the manufacturing industry is never gonna be what it was, and that’s OK,” Ramsey told The Daily Signal, explaining his current support for Trump. “One of the keys to reviving the manufacturing industry is energy, cheap energy. It comes from the shale boom, and that’s all steel pipe.”

Trump has vowed that any future pipelines in America must be built with American steel — something that is sure to give steel companies a boost.

“I’m hoping that under President Trump, he can influence them to be dedicated to the communities that have served them so well for so long,” Ramsey said.

Ramsay told The Daily Caller he’d been a registered Democrat for 30 years. He said he voted for Trump in November, thought, because Trump represented “blue-collar folks.”

If even longtime Democrat loyalists like that can be pinning their hopes on Trump, it’s got to tell America something.

Trump is seen by many as being the last, best hope that the steel industry, and other similar industries in America, have. These companies have been pushed to the brink of financial ruin.

Trump has followed through on many of his campaign promises so far, and there is no reason to believe he won’t continue to help jobs come back into America and help the American steel industry once again become the powerhouse of the world.

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