Starbucks To Hire More Vets After Refugee Announcement Blows Up in Their Faces

Starbucks To Hire More Vets After Refugee Announcement Blows Up in Their Faces

It seems like Starbucks, which responded to President Donald Trump’s executive order banning immigration from terror-prone nations by announcing plans to hire 10,000 refugees, has sort of learned its lesson.

First it hit its goal (announced four years ago) of hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses. And now it has pledged to increase that number to 25,000, according to The Seattle Times.

CEO Howard Schultz, who is slated to step down to executive chairman in April, announced the pledge Wednesday at the company’s annual meeting at McCaw Hall in Seattle. It was reportedly his last annual meeting. Good, considering that he was the one who came up with the refugee idea in the first place.

But that was not all. Starbucks has also promised to open 100 more stores “that are meant to be especially welcoming and supportive for military communities,” as noted by Fortune magazine.

Here’s the kicker: Credit for the company’s sudden about-face rests with the American people — especially with the proud pro-Trump conservatives who loudly took Starbucks to task after it announced plans to cater to refugees.

As reported by Conservative Review, after Starbucks made its refugees announcement in January, conservatives took to social media to blast it, calling for a boycott and also reportedly distributing “cartoons including a Starbucks store rebranded as ‘ShariaBucks’ with a banner that read ‘Now Hiring: Muslim Refugees.’”

Apparently the backlash worked, or at least it did to some degree.

The fact is that Schultz’s refugee plan still remained in effect, according to The Seattle Times, which noted that Starbucks still hopes not only to hire “10,000 refugees worldwide by 2022” but also to provide them with skills training.

But since the company intends to hire more veterans and military spouses than refugees, perhaps it deserves a break — though with all due respect, perhaps it would be better if the company were just to focus on hiring Americans, period.

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