Stacey Dash Terminated by Fox News, Twitter Erupts in Celebration

Stacey Dash Terminated by Fox News Twitter Erupts in Celebration

Fox News’ decision not to renew commentator Stacey Dash’s contract has been met with disgusting celebration by liberals who disagreed with the actress’s conservative views.

Dash, who joined Fox News in 2014, was an oft-outspoken critic of President Barack Obama and of black Americans who blindly supported Democrat policies despite their record of failure. Her comments often triggered extreme backlash from liberals, particularly those in the black community.

In the wake of her departure from the news network, the same liberals have exploded with vile celebratory comments on social media.

“Stacey Dash got the boot right after the inauguration. Good job Fox,” one Twitter user posted, along with a clip of several black men clapping in approval.

Another Twitter user sarcastically noted that Dash would no longer be appearing as a commentator on Fox News, calling it “tragic” but posting a clip of someone seemingly celebrating.

Have a look:

Dash, who is also black, has been treated unfairly and nastily by black liberals since she dared speak out against Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. For example, Oliver Willis, a research fellow at Media Matters for America — a liberal organization — joked that Dash had made a “career” out of hating fellow black people.

Another Twitter user pointed out the celebratory reaction of black people on social media when they learned that Dash’s contract had been terminated.

While we don’t know the circumstances surrounding Fox’s decision not to renew Dash’s contract, the truth is that she was a solid, outspoken conservative who bravely risked this vile condemnation and shunning to stand up for what’s right, honest and fair.

At times she may not have been politically correct in her comments, but she was willing to say what needed to be said, regardless of what it meant for her popularity.

Those celebrating her dismissal from Fox shouldn’t get too happy too fast, as people as resilient as Dash have a way of coming out on top in the end.

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