“SNL” Takes Heat for “Fatal Attraction” Kellyanne Conway Skit

SNL Takes Heat for Fatal Attraction Kellyanne Conway Skit

As a virtual propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, “Saturday Night Live” often pokes fun at President Donald Trump and his top advisers — and to much liberal fanfare.

However, its latest attempt at bashing the president was so bizarre — not to mention outright sexist — that even the show’s adoring liberal media fans were appalled.

According to TheBlaze, the sketch in question used the theme of the 1987 American psychological thriller “Fatal Attraction” to portray Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, as a deranged woman desperate to appear on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

It was based on Conway having reportedly been turned away from the show the weekend before last over alleged credibility issues, as had been reported at the time by The Washington Post.

“The skit begins with Tapper ending his live CNN show and his producer telling Tapper he made the ‘right call’ to not let Conway on his show that night,” reported TheBlaze. “But when Tapper goes home, Conway — portrayed by Kate McKinnon — is sitting at his bar with a drink in the dark wearing lingerie.”

The fake Conway then tried to seduce Tapper into allowing her onto his show. When that failed, she resorted to pulling out a knife and threatening him. The sketch eventually ended with Conway accidentally falling out of Tapper’s window and crashing into the road below.

Watch it below:

The response across the board was mostly negative, with both liberal and conservative media heads taking to Twitter to decry the sketch for its blatant sexism against Conway.

“SNL just gave a gift to the White House with this sexist, unfunny Kellyanne Conway skit,” tweeted New York magazine contributor Olivia Nuzzi. “Casting Kellyanne Conway as Glenn Close was a miscalculation on SNL’s part. Will be interpreted as unfair and mean to a wife and mother.”

“As much as I loathe kellyanne (sic), this highly sexualized SNL version of her gives me the icks,” added Fusion contributor Marisa Kabas.

Note that the last tweet featured above was from an MSNBC political reporter. Think about that.

To say this sketch was tasteless would be an understatement. It was horrifically sexist but also completely off base, as was noted by Hot Air senior editor “Allahpundit.”

“It gets Conway’s motives all wrong,” he wrote. “She does a lot of TV … not because she craves exposure for its own sake but because she knows it’s the best way to impress her boss, which may lead to more important roles for her away from the camera.”

The sketch was therefore not based on any factual characteristics of Conway save for one — her gender. How sad, though what else would you expect from a show whose writers enjoy making fun of little kids?

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