Skydiving Instructor’s Lightning Reflexes Kick in When Helpless Little Boy Heads for Ground

Skydiving Instructors Lightning Reflexes Kick in When Helpless Little Boy Heads for Ground

It’s every busy parent’s nightmare. You turn your back for one moment, distracted, and the unthinkable happens in a heartbeat.

Fortunately for one Texas father, Jesse “Tex” Leos was there when a young boy was facing danger, KPRC in Houston reported Thursday. The skydiving instructor at iFly, an indoor skydiving venue in Houston, was standing nearby when a man set his toddler on the counter and turned around to take a photo of his other child, suited up to fly.

While Leos pointed the family in the direction of the flying area, the toddler tumbled off the back side of the counter. In his peripheral vision, Leos saw the toddler and made a one-arm catch a millisecond before the helpless child hit the hard floor.

Start to finish, the incident took place in less than two seconds. Here’s the video.

“Just out of the corner of my eye I saw the child fall and didn’t have that much time to think about it, and next thing I know I’m holding the kid,” Leos told NBC News. Leos credited his lightning-fast reflexes to years of skydiving training.

In addition to working at iFly for the past three years, Leos is a traditional skydiving instructor at Skydive Spaceland Houston, according to KPRC.

“You’re always on your game right when you’re either in the wind tunnel or in the sky, but I guess some of that obviously bleeds over to outside the wind tunnel,” Leos said. “We train to keep people as safe as possible inside the tunnel. Definitely my reflexes were quick, and I can attest to that’s the training that we do every day here.”

The entertaining part of this happy ending was Leos’ reaction for the surveillance camera. He flexed his muscles and gave a “thumbs up” sign.

There’s a great lesson for multitasking parents here. Always focus completely on your child when he or she is not safely on the floor. This toddler was very lucky that hero Jesse Leos was standing nearby to save the day. Our hats are off to you, sir.

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