Simple Test Can Determine If You Have Photographic Memory… Only 1 % Will Pass

Simple Test Can Determine If You Have Photographic Memory Only 1 Will Pass

Do people say you have a photographic memory? Do you want to think you do? Either way, this is the puzzler for you.

We’d all like to think that we have a memory better than most. However, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, this brain-teaser has stumped all but 1 percent of adult test-takers.

Let’s see if you’re the 1 percent that can get it.

Take a good, long look at this photograph. It’s going to be important in just a little bit. Note the color and position of the blue and red dots. Take your time (but not too long, that kind of spoils the meaning of the test.)


Okay, we’re going to show you another photograph. You can’t be looking at the first photograph while you do this, though — otherwise, that’s cheating.

And we’ll catch you cheating. Don’t you worry about that; Conservative Tribune hires some of the best brain-teaser invigilators in the world. Our proctors are so good they can tell when you’re making a sham of the test. And then it’ll go on your permanent record. Have fun trying to get into Harvard with that on your record, bub.


Okay, seen those two? Now, tell me, when you put together the red dots from the two photos, what letter do they form?

Well? We’re waiting.

Did you get this?


Today’s brain-teaser was brought to you by the letter G.

Surprisingly, this actually doesn’t test photographic memory. Yeah, I know, we were lying to you all along. However, the real name for it — eidetic memory — doesn’t exactly have the same recognition or ring to it.

As the Daily Mail points out, it’s the official name for the “ability to recall images from visual sources in great detail after only a short exposure to them.”

Famous people with eidetic memory include Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci and Theodore Roosevelt. (In the last case, we’d like to point out that it was claimed as opposed to verified, and Teddy was known to spin a tale or three.)

Are you a Tesla? Well, if you got G, congratulations, you are. If you didn’t, keep working on it. With a little bit of practice, you too can have photographic memory. Or eidetic. Whatever.

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