SICK: Punk Teens Beat Woman Who Shook Her Head at Their Behavior [VIDEO]

Punk Teens Beat Woman Who Shook Her Head at Their Behavior

A group of true deplorables — as opposed to the wrongly maligned “deplorables” who earned their moniker by simply supporting President-elect Donald Trump — reportedly beat up a fellow passenger on a subway in New York City late last month after she shook her head at them in disapproval.

According to the New York Post, the L train passenger had done nothing — absolutely nothing — to the six female teens. In fact she had tried to mind her own business.

Yet the loud and boisterous teens had made that exceptionally hard for her to do, especially when they began reportedly harassing an older woman.

Not surprisingly, observing this sick behavior triggered something within the unnamed passenger, who then simply shook her head in disapproval at them.

What followed was a painful beating during which they slapped her, punched her and reportedly also stole her Samsung smartphone.

The teens were soon reportedly captured on surveillance footage exiting the train while displaying zero indications of remorse.

That video of their exit may be seen below:

These six women were a picture-perfect portrait of what truly deplorable humans being looked like. Their lack of decency and compassion was beyond the pale.

Moreover, from the report it appeared that nobody even tried to intervene and stop the attack. And as of Tuesday, the perpetrators had not yet been apprehended.

While such acts of deplorable violence admittedly occur frequently in this day and age, the argument could be made that they have worsened during the past eight years because of President Barack Obama’s influence.

As noted by The Daily Wire, the president has often stood up proudly in defense of troublemakers, such as when slammed the police in 2009 for arresting Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. despite the fact that Gates had been unruly with police officers.

Consider also how Obama once claimed that if he had had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon (Martin).” Obama’s support of Martin came despite evidence that the Florida teen was the one who instigated the fight with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman that ultimately led to Martin’s death.

The president was also a fan of gangster rap.

Numerous times the president has made it seem as if acting belligerent, ignorant and/or even violent was OK, given the right circumstances. But he was wrong — very, very wrong.

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